Mini IELTS Speaking Practice Course

Estimated time to complete the course: 12 hours | taught by Teacher Reni

Course description

This course is aimed at helping English learners prepare for the IELTS Speaking test. 


  • understand the IELTS band scores and assessment criteria 
  • prepare mentally for the exam day 
  • set your desired band score 
  • brainstorm questions and topics 
  • practise with other learners 
  • discuss students' performance 
  • learn tips for each part of the test 

You will also get access to IELTS related materials, which will help you expand your vocabulary. 

Estimated time to complete the course: 12 hours* 

* It depends how much effort you put into reading the extra materials. 


Teacher Reni
Teacher Reni
Instructor at Your English Success Today

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching English to adults since 2015. 
  • Elementary - Advanced levels, vocabulary (Intermediate level), Business English (Intermediate level) and IELTS Speaking 
  • Pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary classes. 

I've always been passionate about English and every tiny detail of this language. I would like to pass my knowledge on to others so that they can achieve their goals and succeed in life. 

English is the magic ladder to success and it will help you in so many different ways.